Saturday, March 20, 2010

OMG we have an update

I know I have been missing for a long time. I was so behind I think I got overwhelmed. So now I am caught up through Jan. and I will get the rest on here ASAP. Once I get caught up maybe it won't be so much to do to stay caught up.


Mason loved the snow. Of course mommy had to build him his first snowman. He thought it was cool and after we got out to drive around he spotted the "men men" all over town.

First hair cut

Cousin Grayson

Mason's cousin Grayson Zane Parrish joined the family Feb. 2nd in the wee hours of the moring. GiGi, Mason and i packed up and headed to Rogers at 10PM to get there in time to see him. Aunt Sassy was a super star (made me feel like a wimpo) and Grayson looks just like his daddy.

Mason was not real sure about the new kid :)

Mason was more concerned about his buddy uncle Joel the whole time.

Meeting the new baby for the first time

The proudest GiGi ever!!

Christmas #3

Yes that is right this is Christmas #3 for us. Mason and I (daddy had to work) headed to Warren to celebrate with the cousins. WOW was this a case of sensory overload or what. I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

Christmas #2

Aunt Sassy and Uncle Joel hooked Maso up with some Handy Manny gear

Movies and pj's thats my kind of present

Mason had enough and thought he would hide in the bag.
We celebrated the Parrish christmas at our house this year because of the bad weather. Aunt Sassy was very pregnant with baby Grayson but she braved the car ride so we could all be together :)

Christmas Morning 2009

What a wonderful day. Of course Santa spoiled Mason again this year. Santa really needs to get a grip :) I always wondered who took the picture of all my presents before I ever woke up :)

The Handy Manny 4-wheeler was a big hit!!!

Suprise!!!! Mommy got a new HP Mini from Daddy

Rocket tent is pretty cool too

Of course we had to go outside and try out our new ride